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  • Powderham Castle Devon Restoration of 1769 Brice Seede Chamber Organ

    The organ was bought for £154 from Brice Seede by William Courtenay 2nd Viscount in 1769. The organ was originally only a single manual organ without pedals and was placed in the old mediaeval chapel on the site of the north range of the west court. It was probably moved to the elegant 1795 Music …

  • Georgian chamber organ made for a private collection

    This organ was built for a music room which already has a chamber organ in 17th century style, made by Goetze & Gwynn in 2006.

  • Odiham, All Saints Church Hampshire New Church Organ

    This new organ was first used at a service of dedication on Sunday September 25th 2011. It is based on early 18th century English organs, mainly the Bernard Smith organs at St Mary Finedon in Northamptonshire and Great St Mary’s in Cambridge, and the Gerard Smith organ at St Lawrence Whitchurch in Middlesex.

  • St Teilo’s Church St Fagans Cardiff New Organ in Tudor Style

    The new organ for St Teilo’s church at St Fagans Cardiff This organ was made for the project directed by Professor John Harper from Bangor University researching “The experience of worship in late medieval cathedral and parish church”, at the great medieval cathedral church at Salisbury, and the reconstructed parish church of St Teilo’s in …

  • St Botolph, Aldgate London Restoration of the 1704 Renatus Harris Organ

    This organ was restored in 2005-6.  It can be argued that it is England’s oldest surviving church organ.  Although there are older pipes and cases, this is the oldest collection of pipes in their original positions on their original wind chests.  It looks as if the organ dates from shortly before 1704-5, when Renatus Harris …

  • Waddesdon Manor Clock Organ

    The clockwork barrel organ is part of an elaborate clock in the Rothschild Collection at Waddesdon Manor https://waddesdon.org.uk/. It was restored in 2006 by Dominic Gwynn and Stuart Dobbs for the National Trust. The clock and clockwork were restored by Peter Watkinson of Chard, Somerset, and the case was restored by Tankerdale Workshops of Sheet, …

  • Magdalene College Cambridge Chapel New Organ

    This organ is designed and built in the tradition of Father Smith, particularly the organs at Great St Mary Cambridge, St Mary Finedon and Adlington Hall.

  • Italian Chamber Organ New Organ in 17th century style

    This is a new organ based on the late 17th century positive organ from Lucca, which we restored for the late Sheila Lawrence. It has been recorded on numerous occasions, mostly with His Majesty’s Sackbuts and Cornets sagbutt@mac.com The keyboard is transposing (a¹ = 390, 415, 440 and 465Hz). The pipes are tuned with slides. …