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2018 Christmas card from Goetze and Gwynn Ltd

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In 2018 the restoration was completed by Hermann Binder, organ builder of Hermannstadt/Sibiu in Romania, with the assistance of Bartis Szabolcs in Gheorgheni, and from G&G at the beginning and completion of the project. The organ was built by Johannes Prause, a Prussian organ builder who settled in Saxon Transylvania, where he built a number of organs. This one was built in 1788, in the late 14th century church in Reichesdorf/Richiş, which was Lutheran from the Reformation and is filled with galleries, benches and banners. The organ was rebuilt by Karl Einschenk in 1909 with a reversed console and pipework transposed to give a more romantic stoplist.

It has been restored to the situation in 1788, with new keyboard and stop knobs in the original style, new bellows using the original leaves, and the pipes returned to their original positions. The organ has one keyboard and pedal pulldowns, with short compass C/E – c³. There are 12 stops; a principal chorus with Mixtur IV and Rauschpfeife II, stopped flutes at 8’ and 4’, and an open flute at 2’, a narrow-scaled Salicet 8’ and tapered Fugara 4’, with a Subbass 16’ (also available on pedal pulldowns). It was built to lead the congregation’s singing, but also to provide colour for preludes and voluntaries, some of which were heard at the opening concert by Liv Müller organist from Mediasch. A report can be found at


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