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  • Moving the Snetzler Bureau Organ from the Handel House Museum

    During the International Society of Organ builders congress in London, we collected the Snetzler bureau organ given from the estate of Ellie Warburg to the Handel House Museum in Brook Street Westminster. We were assisted by our former colleague Peter Meier who has a successful firm in Rheinfelden Switzerland and his colleague Marco Venegoni …

  • Unloaded organ from Trinity College Dublin

    On July 14th the cases for Trinity College Dublin were unloaded at Welbeck, ready to be examined and measured, before the restoration of the cases and the provision of a new organ in the style of Renatus Harris in about 1700

  • Collection of 1684 and 1705 organ from Trinity College Dublin

    Charles and Josh of Ballards (Tuxford) and Nick and Joe posing in front of the Ballards lorry filled with the 1684 and 1705 organ cases and front pipes from the Public Theatre at Trinity College Dublin on July 13th

  • Guillaume leaves for France

    On June 30th Guillaume Zellner worked his last day with us, before travelling a fortnight later with Lucille and Émile and all their belongings (including his workbench – see picture) to Hirsingue in Alsace. Guillaume is starting a new phase in his career with Jean-Christian Guerrier in Willer

  • Anne Page giving a recital on the Thaxted organ

    On July 9th Anne Page gave a recital on the Lincoln organ at Thaxted parish church, in the course of the Thaxted Festival, the 100th since Gustav Holst started them in 1916. She played some of Holsts’s music for organ, written when he was a young man. In the following week Anne recorded a CD …

  • ISO congress

    At the Congress of the International Society of Organbuilders in Monday July 4th Goran Grahn, Simon Hebeisen and William McVicker play a stave each of the St Anne fugue, as three organists did in 1829 at the opening concert of the J.C.Bishop organ at St James Bermondsey. Goran plays the finger pedalboard to the left …

  • Alan Rubin with the Byfield Organ

    Alan Rubin and the museum director Luc Duchamp flanking the Byfield organ in the Museum after its re-assembly, embarking on the new phase in its life

  • The Byfield Organ has arrived in France

    The Byfield organ arrived in Provins on June 30th and was re-assembled in the museum

  • Last pieces of the Byfield on their way to France

    Edward and Graham the house manager at Finchcocks packing the last pieces of the Byfield organ

  • Byfield Organ on it’s way to France

    On June 29th Edward and Dominic moved the unique 1766 chamber organ by John Byfield from the Finchcocks Musical Instrument Museum to its new owner Alan Rubin in Provins France. Here Edward is being assisted by Kevin and Mark of

  • The Wingfield organ at St Giles Cripplegate

    The Wingfield organ later in the day at St Giles Cripplegate, in readiness for the congress of the International Society of Organbuilders and the Royal College of Organists Academy Summer Course for Organists. Milton is looking appropriately snooty…

  • Original Wingfield soundboard

    On Wednesday June 15th Dominic visited the church at Wingfield Suffolk to fetch the Tudor organ with Nicholas of Manders, and saw the display of the original soundboard for the first time

  • CD of music recorded at Santa Clara

    Rosana Orsini and Marco Brescia have made a wonderful CD of music written by Melchor López, Frei Francisco de São Boaventura and António da Silva Leite for convents in Santiago de Compostela (Spain) and Oporto (Portugal), recorded at the convent of Santa Clara, where we restored the organ in 2003 (

  • Choir lectern in use at Ranworth church

    The lectern which Nick made for a Birmingham University research project led by John Harper has taken part in a symposium at Ranworth church in Norfolk (‘the cathedral of the Broads’), see The photograph was taken by Mark Cator

  • Nick working on Rothbury’s case

    One of the challenges of the organ at Rothbury is that the case had been reduced to accommodate a War Memorial screen. Here Mr Hill’s original casework is being reconstructed by Nick Hagen.

  • Restoring the bellows

    Willie Hendry and Guillaume putting the finishing touches to the restored bellows from the Hill and Son organ of 1866 from All Saints Rothbury. The organ will be installed in August and will receive a festive opening on September 17th.

  • Willie Hendry from Dalkeith spent a week here

    Last week we were visited by Willie Hendry from Dalkeith, who works as a church organist and harpsichord hirer. Willie spent the week working on organs, here restoring the keys for the Hill organ at Rothbury.

  • Great Tew completion

    We have completed the restoration of the ca1863 organ by Henry Williams of Cheltenham at Great Tew in Oxfordshire. The first pipe to go in was the bottom C of the Swell Open Diapason, here is C# being passed by Joseph to Edward

  • New Cornopean and Cremona for Great Tew

    The new Cornopean 8ft and Cremona 8ft made by Joe and Chris and voiced by Abi, have been installed in the organ at Great Tew

  • Emile visits

    We have had the honour of a visit from baby Emile, son of Guillaume and Lucille, who will shortly with much regret be leaving and return to a new life near Belfort.

  • The completed and restored organ back at Erddig

    We have completed and installed the restored 1864 organ by Bevington and Sons at Erddig Hall near Wrexham, a National Trust house famous for the portaits of it’s servants, accompanied by ditties written by their employers the Yorke family.

  • Tunes on the dumb organist at Erddig

    Here is the list of tunes available on the dumb organist – the taste of the times. “Off she goes” is an extended version of Humpty Dumpty

  • Testing the dumb organist for the organ at Erddig

    Stuart Dobbs restored the dumb organist which was supplied with the 1864 Bevington and Sons organ at Erddig Hall near Wrexham (National Trust). It is a conventional barrel with keys and stickers resting on the Great keys.

  • Great Tew installation – underway!

    Loading the Great Tew organ ready for installation later today

  • All welcome to play the organ at Pilning

    Following the wonderful opening concert at Pilning, Jonathan Edwardes has said that anyone wishing to play the organ is most welcome and should contact him on

  • The Italian Chamber Organ at St Saviour Hampstead

    Our Italian chamber organ now lives happily at St Saviour Hampstead. It is seen here with the (sadly silent) Bevington/Rothwell organ in the background (NPOR N17105). It has been used in services at the church and in a couple of concerts by Tim Roberts. The priest is Paul Nicholson, one of our finest early keyboard …

  • Abigail voicing the Great Tew Cremona

    The new Cremona for the Henry Williamson organ at Great Tew Oxfordshire, based on the 1879 Gray & Davison Choir Cremona at St Anne’s in Worksop, made by Joseph Marsden and Chris Davies, being voiced by Abigail Balfour.

  • Music from the Lost Palace of Westminster

    This is a new CD from (producer Paul Baxter), with Geoffrey Webber and the choir of Gonville and Caius College Cambridge singing music written by Nicholas Ludford, anon. and others for St Stephens Chapel in the lost royal palace of Westminster. Organ versets ‘upon the Squares’ devised and played by Magnus Williamson on our …

  • Late Medieval Liturgies Enacted

    This is the book that was the outcome of the project led by Professor John Harper at Bangor University between 2010 and 2103 in partnership with Salisbury Cathedral and St Fagans National History Museum near Cardiff, for which we made a late medieval organ. It was edited by Sally Harper, Paul Barnwell and Magnus …

  • Jennifer Bate plays the opening concert on the restored organ at St Peter Pilning

    On Saturday April 30th Jennifer Bate played a concert of music from Handel to Samuel Wesley on the newly-restored William Allen chamber organ. Jennifer has supported the restoration of the organ from the beginning and gave us a wonderful excursion through the English organ music of the period, and through the colours available on this …