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The blog shows a record of our past and current work. Please click on the post for the full details
  • Chris Wells revealing previous decorative schemes on the front pipes

    Chris Wells revealing previous decorative schemes on Cockerham front pipes

  • Chris casting counter balance weights for the Cockerham swell stop action

    Chris casting counter balance weights for the Cockerham swell stop action

  • The completed oak grained lower case

    Nick’s completed oak grained lower case

  • Cockerham case panels and frames oak grained and ready for fitting

    Cockerham case panels and frames oak grained and ready for fitting.

  • Cockerham woodwork being prepared for wood graining

    Cockerham woodwork being prepared for wood graining

  • Nick painting the casework

    Nick painting the casework

  • Cockerham lower case

    Setting up the Cockerham lower case.

  • Bill Hunt and Fretwork

    Bill Hunt and Fretwork preparing for Edmund Hooper’s wonderful “Hearken ye nations”, an anthem giving thanks for safe deliverance from the Gunpowder Plot of 1605.

  • The Magdalena Consort, Fretwork and the St Teilo organ recording English verse anthems at St Jude’s Hampstead last week.

    For Bill hunt’s verse anthem project see https://www.orlandogibbons.com/chains-gold-orlando-gibbons-complete-consort-anthems/ and http://www.fretwork.co.uk/page/2/ This recording, which featured his Majesty’s Sackbuts and Cornets and Silas Wollaston on the St Teilo organ as well as the voices of the Magdalena Consort and the viols of Fretwork will have verse anthems by Byrd, Morley and Edmund Hooper as volume 2 of …

  • Leeds Baroque lunch time performance on Sarurday 16th February 2019 at 1.00pm

    Saturday 16 February 2019 at 1:00pm Clothworkers Centenary Concert Hall, University of Leeds Leeds Baroque launch The Baroque Timpani Project You are cordially invited to join us for a free short lunchtime recital performance of Henry Purcell’s Sound the trumpet, beat the drum – a Welcome Ode for King James II followed by an informal …

  • Christmas card 2018

    Xmas card 2018 pic blog 2018 Christmas card from Goetze and Gwynn Ltd Please click on the link to view the Christmas card THE 1788 JOHANNES PRAUSE ORGAN AT REICHESDORF IN TRANSYLVANIA In 2018 the restoration was completed by Hermann Binder, organ builder of Hermannstadt/Sibiu in Romania, with the assistance of Bartis Szabolcs in Gheorgheni, …

  • Edward setting up the key action frame and keyboards

    Edward setting up the key action frame and keyboards for the Cockerham organ

  • Nick fitting the concussion bellows

    Nick fitting the concussion bellows as the Cockerham organ is being assembled

  • Nigel Church organ in the new building for the Diocese of Leeds Music Department

    On Tuesday December 4th, Nick and Dominic took a 5 stop Nigel Church practice organ of 1981 to the new music school in the vacated building next to the Roman Catholic Cathedral in Leeds. For the wonderful work being carried out by Ben Saunders and his colleagues for church music in the diocese of Leeds, …

  • Lèse Majesté

    Dominic and Edward (presumptuously occupying the Provost’s chair (sorry CHAIR) in the Public Theatre, admire the work of their team. The organ builders were all present, Nick Hagen, Joe Marsden and Chris Davies. I am sorry not to have a group photograph.

  • David Grayson addressing the audience

    Before the concert the audience were addressed by the Provost Patrick Prendergast, emeritus Professor of Chemistry David Grayson and Professor Andrew Johnstone from the School of Music. David was the chairman of the organ committee, and was largely responsible for bringing the project to completion (https://www.tcd.ie/news_events/articles/inaugural-organ-concert-and-restoration/)

  • Inaugural concert at Trinity College Dublin

    On Friday November 30th Malcolm Proud and David Adams gave a wonderful concert on the new organ in the Public Theatre at Trinity College Dublin, with music by William Byrd, Clérambault, Boyce, Distler, Nivers and J.S.Bach, to a packed hall. It was the organ’s first concert, though the university ceremonies have been accompanied by the …

  • Handel fugues and Cannons anthems at St Lawrence Whitchurch

    On Saturday November 24th a concert was given by Alastair Ross and the London Handel Orchestra in the church of St Lawrence Whitchurch of fugues by Johann Krieger and Handel, and the Te Deum in B flat written for Cannons and the anthem “The Lord is my Light”. The choral music was all written 300 …

  • Re-leathering the reservoir on Cockerham

    Nick preparing the reservoir from the Cockerham organ for re-leathering

  • An old version

    Chris trying out an old version of Stuart’s press, which used to belong to the late Roger Jubb of Gainsborough and now belongs to Stuart.

  • The finished result

    The finished result.

  • Chris continuing….

    The surplus has been cut off and the insert is place back into the mould to finish it.

  • Chris inserting the arm and the new leather insert into a press

    Chris is inserting the arm and the new leather insert into a press loaned to us by Stuart Dobbs, with our shaped moulds which have a pin in the bottom mould for the hole into which the action wire is fitted.

  • Chris soaking the leather in polish

    We are restoring the 1867 Hill & Son organ at Cockerham near Lancaster. As usual, the leather inserts in the metal roller arms and squares have perished, and have to be replaced. They are made of leather, soaked in polish, inserted in the hole in the arm, and moulded in a press to give a …

  • Joe soldering

    Here he is soldering one of the tinned brass rods to the bottom of the resonator (from the Great Trumpet)

  • Joe preparing rod to strengthen bass reed resonators

    The larger reed resonators at St James Bermondsey (J.C.Bishop 1829) have been collapsing for some years now, so Joe is strengthening them, with three brass rods soldered to the lower end of each resonator to stop them bending. Here he is tinning the brass rod in preparation for soldering.

  • Wetheringsett organ moving to Ludlow

    Nick, Joe and Chris moved the Wetheringsett organ from St Swithin’s, Worcester to St Lawrence’s, Ludlow yesterday. This picture is in it’s new home at Ludlow, but only partly together, it was a long day…….

  • Swell chest and pipes

    The restored swell windchest with the pipes, so we can make sense of what has survived and what needs to be made new, and which pipes are played by each key.

  • The organ builders, friends and colleagues at Reichesdorf

    Willi Untch, last resident member of a large Reichesdorf family, Liv Müller the organist, Hermann Binder organ builder, Toni Timmerman, hostess at La Curtea Richvini, fixer and friend to us all, Dominic, Edward, Alex son of Liv and godson of Hans Schaas, Joe and Chris, in convivial mood

  • Hans Schaas listening to Pfr. Ulf Ziegler’s sermon

    Hans Schaas is ‘the last Saxon in Reichesdorf’, curator of the church, guide to Reichesdorf, and teller of tall tales. A youtube film can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hs37j5oYQac