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The blog shows a record of our past and current work. Please click on the post for the full details
  • George Richford directing a CD recording of English verse anthems with Romsey Abbey choir

    On Monday to Wednesday June 19th to the 21st the St Teilo organ has been taking part in a recording of late 16th century and early 17th century English church music at Romsey Abbey in Hampshire, where the organ has been living this past year. The organ has been used mainly for the verse anthems. …

  • Concert 21st June at St Botolph Aldgate at 1.05pm (free)

    Gwendolyn Toth will be giving a concert of music on the Harris organ at St Botolph Aldgate on Wednesday (June 21st) at 1.05pm (free, with retiring collection), music by J.S.Bach, Kleber, Scheidemann and Pachelbel

  • Gwendolyn Toth and Jonathan Edwardes at the concert at Pilning

    Her concert included an intabulation of Clément Jannequin’s La Guerre, an account of the Battle of Marignano in which the French King Francis I was victorious over the Swiss allies of the Holy Roman Emperor. The account of the events were read for us by St Peter Pilning’s Director of Music Jonathan Edwardes (who also …

  • Gwendolyn Toth concert at Pilning near Bristol

    Gwendolyn Toth is organist at Immanuel Lutheran in New York, and an enthusiastic and accomplished interpreter of early music on the organ. You can follow her enthusiasm for historic organs on facebook https://www.facebook.com/gwendolyn.toth On Saturday June 17th she gave a concert on the 1790s William Allen chamber organ at Pilning near Bristol.

  • Kimberly Marshall Concert at St Swithun Worcester

    Kimberly Marshall introducing an item in her lunchtime concert on the Wetheringsett organ at St Swithun Worcester on Friday June 16th. It was a captivating programme of mostly secular music from the 16th century brilliantly played. In the afternoon she conducted a multiple masterclass for participants from the Royal College of Organists with her usual …

  • Chris cutting keys

    Chris cutting keys for the new keyboards

  • Tudor mass music at the Vyne

    Visitors to the Tudor chapel at the Vyne, a National Trust house in Hampshire, can experience a virtual pre-Reformation mass, with plain chant, authentic noises of censers, etc. and organ music contributed by Andrew McCrea on the Wetheringsett organ. An introduction to the experience can be seen on https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/the-vyne/features/tudor-mass-audio-illusion-unveiled-at-the-vyne

  • Skip Sempé and Andreas Linos at Staunton Harold

    The main reason for Andreas and Skip visiting us was to sample the world of the English 17th century consort organ. On Saturday we visited Canons Ashby, where the ca1675 organ is now placed at the end of a long gallery, an appropriate acoustical space which one can imagine being used by viol players in …

  • Skip Sempé playing Derek Adlam’s Hass clavichord

    We visited Derek Adlam on Sunday where Skip played the Hass clavichord made by Derek, a reconstruction of an early clavichord made by Peter Bavington, a harpsichord made by Bernd Fischer based on the Colmar Ruckers and an early harpsichord made by Derek based on a 1608 Ruckers.

  • Andreas Linos with his model of Thomas Mace’s Musick Room

    This weekend we were visited by Skip Sempé and Andreas Linos. Here Andreas is explaining his model of the Musick Room proposed by Thomas Mace in his Musick’s Monument of 1676, which was to have had a table organ at its centre, an ideal space for the musicians to perform, and galleries for listeners to …

  • Thomas Trotter introducing his recital at Great Tew

    On Saturday evening June 10th Thomas Trotter gave a full church a wonderful concert of music by Johann Sebastian Bach and his son Johann Christian, Vaughan Williams, Elgar and Mendelsohn at the 1863? organ at St Michael and All Angels Great Tew Oxfordshire

  • Edward working on the stop jambs

    Edward working on the stop jambs

  • Chris making keyboards for Trinity College Dublin

    Chris making keyboards for Trinity College Dublin

  • We are now on Instagram

    We are now on Instagram! We can be found @goetzeandgwynn

  • The finished Great wind chest

    and the finished article (minus upperboards), Edward’s Great windchests for Trinity College Dublin (made alongside the two pedal chests and the Chair chest)

  • The Great windchest including part made pulldown purses

    Edward working on his Great windchests for Trinity College Dublin in May including traditional pulldown purses half made

  • The Great windchest in April

    Edward working on his Great windchests for Trinity College Dublin in April

  • Great Windchests for Trinity College Dublin

    Edward’s Great windchests for Trinity College Dublin in March

  • Russel Collection, Opening of the refurbished gallery

    The Russell Collection of keyboard instruments at St Cecilia’s Hall in Edinburgh is part of the Edinburgh University Collection of Historic Instruments (EUCHMI). For the last two years the site has been expanded and refurbished, and combined with the Reid Collection, all the non-keyboard instruments. It has just been re-opened to the public, as those …

  • Harley Monographs, list available so far

    The monographs are so called because the Harley Foundation contributed to the first 24 reports, which are either restoration reports, or technical reports compiled after a restoration, or research reports for future projects. The format is variable, but for all their faults, it is better than having the material sitting in a file. They are …

  • St Botolph Aldgate Booklet

    St Botolph Aldgate booklet The first run of booklets have all been sold and another 1000 are now available for sale at £5 a copy. Most have been sold at the church, but they are also available through Goetze and Gwynn. They were originally published as part of the Heritage Lottery Fund grant package.

  • Flower of the Foxglove Tree

    This is the flower of the Foxglove Tree (Paulownia Tomentosa) a fast-growing tree originally from China. This one is on a mature tree in the bishop’s garden at Wells Somerset. Imagine a full-grown tree covered with these flowers – amazing.

  • BIOS conference at St George the Martyr Southwark

    On Saturday April 29th there will be a day conference run by the British Institute of Organ Studies at St George the Martyr Southwark (at the southern end of the Borough High street), about the much-rebuilt and increasingly unreliable 1702 organ, provided by Abraham Jordan who lived and worked on the opposite side of the …

  • New chairs at Odiham

    The new chairs at Odiham, very smart, and flexible for concerts and public events

  • Easter at All Saints church Odiham

    All Saints Odiham, with the organ still wrapped in plastic to protect it from the removal of the pews and provision of a new floor. On Friday April 8th when Dominic appeared to remove the plastic, there were 150 in church making Easter bonnets

  • William Allen organ at Pilning back in position

    The William Allen organ at St Peter Pilning back in position. Gwendolyn Toth the organist from Immanuel Lutheran Church New York will be giving a concert on June 17th at 7.30pm. Tickets from director of music Jonathan Edwardes on 01454 632646 or churchwardenpilning@gmail.com, or from https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/st-peters-church-pilning

  • Organ back in place at Pilning

    The William Allen organ at St Peter Pilning is now back in position. The pews have been removed, apart from six which have been consolidated and restored, there is a new floor, radiators, dado, etc.

  • Dominic vainly trying to control Phil Neal’s tricycle

    Dominic tries to master Phil Neal’s classic tricycle, without success. Phil is our local sculptor, a genius with just about every material, https://en-gb.facebook.com/sculptor.co.in/

  • Samuel Green chamber organ at Croft castle

    On Monday (March 27th) Dominic went to tune the 1786 Samuel Green chamber organ at Croft Castle in Herefordshire. It is one of many chamber organs which do not get played enough, if at all. I hope that from now on applications to play it will be received with enthusiasm! It has been recorded in …

  • Galpin Bible regals at EUCHMI

    Galpin Bible Regal in the Edinburgh University Collection of Historic Musical Instruments. The Regal has also been in store and has just gone on display. It has not been working for many years, though it was repaired about 40 years ago and could be made to work again.