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  • The Remy Family

    I sent the picture of the Sharp family to Derek Adlam, who sent me this picture in return, equally as wonderful, by Januarius Zick.  How many painters have names beginning with Z?  The Remy family were ironmasters in Bendorf in the Rheinpfalz, wealthy and musical.  The painting is in the Nürnberg Germanisches Museum.  It is …

  • Sharp family

    I have always loved this picture of the musical Sharp family, with their musical instruments on a family boat on the River Thames, painted by Johan Josef Zoffany in about 1780.  Their letters are an important source of information and colour about Georgian music-making.  Granville was also one of the main figures in the anti-slavery …

  • Riepp family

    This picture is in Ottobeuren, near where Riepp was born, and where he built one of his largest organs and certainly the finest surviving.  I have a fondness for these slightly naïve conversation pieces.  Each figure seems to have been painted separately and positioned rather awkwardly in the painting, which may indeed have been the …

  • Klaus Josef Riepp

    G&G are all on furlough, since we cannot work in the workshop and cannot work from home.  We hope it won’t be long before small manufacturing businesses are allowed to start work again, but in the meantime I have been gathering illustrations, finishing articles and other pieces of work, and getting in touch with people …

  • ‘Newark Siege’ from ‘A Consort’s Monument’

    On Saturday (April 25th) Record Review on BBC Radio 3 played a recording of John Jenkins’s wonderful descriptive piece commemorating the siege of Newark in 1646.  It can be heard on 18mins and 30 seconds into the programme.  I hope you are then inspired to buy the recording from Ricercar-Outhere  Newark is only …

  • Recording ‘A Consort’s Monument’ with viol consort L’Achéron

    In October Antonia and I spent a day with the viol consort L’Achéron, during their recording of English viol music in the beautiful little church of Centeilles near Siran in the Minervois (Fr).  You can sample some of the significance and the flavour of the recording here  or on their website—MAKING-OF Apart from …

  • Opus 1

    The first organ was finished as we celebrated Christmas in 1980, and my elder daughter Pip was born on Boxing Day.  Its design shows some naivety, with all our ideas packed into a small organ, but on those occasions when we have re-visited it over the years, I have been impressed.  It was commissioned by …

  • Goetze and Gwynn forty years on

    I (Dominic) have always picked April 1st as the birthday of the firm, a thoroughly appropriate day.  It is actually about halfway between the date in 1980 when Martin and I started our first project, and the date when both of us started full time.  I think we have achieved a lot since then, but …

  • Experiment with corroded Trumpet block

    The bottom octave blocks from the trumpet in the 1870 Lewis organ at St Peter’s Vauxhall had white powder, a common problem. Joe has been trying to reverse the process by electrolysis.

  • Good weather for varnishing Christopher Kent’s Positive organ

    Good weather for varnishing Christopher Kent’s positive organ

  • Culture Clash!

    The church’s organ is a fine 1931 Walker organ, it could hardly be more different than the Wethringsett organ

  • Paul Parsons playing the Christophe et Etienne harmonium from Erddig

    Paul Parsons playing the Christophe et Etienne harmonium from Erddig.

  • Charles Wooler playing Byrd

    Charles Wooler playing Byrd on the Wethringsett organ in Newcastle

  • Wetheringsett organ at St James and St Basil, Fenham

    The Wethringsett organ has moved from Eton College to St James and St Basil, Fenham in Newcastle where Charles Wooler, the Director of Music and Magnus Williamson, Professor of Early Music at Newcastle University who has been associated with these organs from the beginning, are organising events.

  • The new Choirbook Lectern

    The new Choirbook Lectern made by Nick for Newcastle University at an event at Hexham Abbey on Friday 6th March with the group Ensemble Pro Victoria

  • View of the organ case from Musick’s monument

    At the centre of the Musick Room was an organ, as Mace recommends in his text, with music desks in the top leaf for eight players, including the organist.  The picture does not give much away for the organ builder trying to reconstruct the design, but his description gives a basic stoplist and a few …

  • Plan of the Musick room in Thomas Mace’s Musick’s Monument

    Thomas Mace provided a plan for his Musick Room, but also a detailed description, used by François and Andreas for their model

  • A close up of the model

    This is a close-up of the model, which interprets Mace’s words.  The Room was never built, but his idea of placing the musicians at the centre, and the audience all around in galleries, was revolutionary in its day.  His chief concern was to preserve an environment in which the players could concentrate on their playing, …

  • Thomas Mace’s Musick room at Trinity College Cambridge

    Andreas Linos, viol player, and François Muracciole, architect, are demonstrating their model of Thomas Mace’s Musick Room to Dr Nicholas Bell librarian of Trinity College Cambridge and his predecessor as librarian Dr David McKitterick, and Benjamin Hebbert researcher and dealer in stringed instruments.  Thomas Mace, who might be described as an eccentric genius, as well …

  • Choir book lectern for Newcastle University

    Nick has made a second late medieval lectern based on the one made to support the Eton Choirbook.  It is to be used tomorrow on the 4th March

  • Dismantling and removing action parts…

    Edward and Chris removing vertical Swell trackers

  • Dismantling and removing pipework

    Chris and Nick removing pipes from the Great, taking care not to disturb the horizontal trackers under the Swell chest

  • Theatr Soar Conacher organ restoration

    Overlapping with the restoration at Vauxhall we have started dismantling pipes and actions for the restoration of the 1890 Peter Conacher organ at Theatr Soar in Merthyr Tydfil, which was once the Welsh-speaking chapel and is now the Welsh community theatre and language centre,  Because of its position the organ is tall and shallow, …

  • Edward finishing restoration of Morecambe….

    Edward has been restoring an interesting chamber organ for St Barnabas Morecambe, rescued by Father Michael Childs.  It has had a puzzling history, but looks like an organ put together in about 1840, using 18th century parts, including the windchest and some of the pipes.  It was altered in about 1900 by Martin and Coates …

  • Morecambe chamber organ before restoration

    This is a picture of the organ before restoration.  Its exterior finish has been restored by Nick Hagen, and will be shown in a future blog.

  • Christopher Kent’s Positive organ, almost finished

    Christopher Kent’s positive organ, almost finished.  Its model is the ca1700 South German organ which we restored for Alan Rubin, with a regal based on one in the Brussels Musical Instrument Museum and a colour scheme derived loosely from 17th century German positive organs.

  • Handel House organ becomes cake

    Simon Williams had his recent 60th birthday celebrated with a cake modelled on the Handel House organ, which lives in St George’s Hanover Square where he is organist and director of music.  I don’t know the name of the cake-maker, but admire the craftsmanship…

  • Eton college RCO masterclass day

    On February 8th Paddy Russill led a masterclass on the Wingfield organ, with pupils of David Goode at Eton College.  The organ is currently in the Verey Room at Eton, as part of an exhibition organized by Magnus Williamson and Dominic’s daughter Lucy (Deputy Librarian in the College Library at Eton) around the Eton Choirbook, …

  • Restoring Vauxhall flute

    The stoppers are beautifully made with turned wood and greased cork seals; no sign of the metal pipes being deformed at the stopper

  • Restoring Vauxhall pedal key action

    The original leather roller arm bushes were disintegrating, and have all been replaced in the traditional manner with hide soaked in polish and clamped into shape on the arm