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The blog shows a record of our past and current work. Please click on the post for the full details
  • Wetheringsett organ moving to Ludlow

    Nick, Joe and Chris moved the Wetheringsett organ from St Swithin’s, Worcester to St Lawrence’s, Ludlow yesterday. This picture is in it’s new home at Ludlow, but only partly together, it was a long day…….

  • Swell chest and pipes

    The restored swell windchest with the pipes, so we can make sense of what has survived and what needs to be made new, and which pipes are played by each key.

  • The organ builders, friends and colleagues at Reichesdorf

    Willi Untch, last resident member of a large Reichesdorf family, Liv Müller the organist, Hermann Binder organ builder, Toni Timmerman, hostess at La Curtea Richvini, fixer and friend to us all, Dominic, Edward, Alex son of Liv and godson of Hans Schaas, Joe and Chris, in convivial mood

  • Hans Schaas listening to Pfr. Ulf Ziegler’s sermon

    Hans Schaas is ‘the last Saxon in Reichesdorf’, curator of the church, guide to Reichesdorf, and teller of tall tales. A youtube film can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hs37j5oYQac

  • Hermann Binder and Joe staying the pipes of the Subbas 16ft

    Hermann has been the main organ builder in Romania, from Sibiu/Hermannstadt keeping its organs going through bad times and worse times. He did most of the work on this restoration project, with Szabolc Bartis of Gheorgheni restoring the metal pipes, the wind chest and the bellows. We worked together for the final week, in friendly …

  • Willi Untch thanking the organbuilders and presenting them with mementos of Richis

    Willi Untch thanking the organbuilders and presenting them with mementos of Richis

  • Parish meal in the Village Hall at Richis

    Parish meal in the Village Hall at Richis

  • Liv Müller playing the organ

    Liv is responsible for playing the organ at services in the Lutheran churches round Mediasch. She accompanied the service, choir and congregation, and played a lovely concert afterwards, with Edward contributing one piece.

  • Einweihung der Orgel

    Looking eastwards in the church at Richis during the service inaugurating the restored organ, with the service taken by Pfarrer Ulf Ziegler from Mediasch

  • Restoration of 1788 Prause organ at Richis/Reichesdorf

    With Hermann Binder we have just completed the restoration of the 1788 Johannes Prause organ in the Lutheran church at Richis/Reichesdorf Romania. The final stages have apparently taken a long time to sort out, and our visit was intended to act as a catalyst to the completion of the project. Here the choir from Mediasch …

  • Picture through the top of the organ

    Francois picture through the top of the consort organ on Dominic inspecting the evenness of his voicing.

  • The consort organ with the front removed

    The consort organ with the front removed and the wooden pipes revealed.

  • The new consort organ

    Francois photograph of the almost finished organ which is based on the ca1630 organs at Staunton Harold and Smithfield Virginia.

  • Francois Ryelandt viewing the new consort organ

    Francois Ryelandt visiting the workshop to view the new consort organ.

  • Wyck Rissington pedal keys

    Wyck Rissington pedal keys

  • Nick working on the pedal keys

    Nick fitting new leather to the pedal keys from the 1882 Bevington organ at Wyck Rissington Gloucestershire.

  • Edward working on the swell chest

    Edward fitting re-leathered pallets to the swell chest from the 1867 hill organ at Cockerham.

  • Chris working on the Bourdon

    Chris re-fitting the tuning stoppers in the Hill organ Bourdon from Cockerham.

  • Tuning visits

    Dominic and Edward have been in London visiting past triumphs. They spent an enjoyable few days tuning at Bermondsey, Bishopsgate, Aldgate and St Lawrence Whitchurch.

  • The keys at St James Bermondsey

    A picture of the “console” at St James Bermondsey 1829 with its “finger” pedalboard on the bass side, tell tales/or manual and pedal bellows, GG compasses; reconstructed by Goetze and Gwynn in 2002.

  • 1829 organ case at St James Bermondsey

    1829 organ case at St James Bermondsey. For the recording the performers occupied the gallery in front of the organ.

  • Ritter von Neukomm at St James Bermondsey

    The University of St Andrews have issued their CD of the 1815 Requiem by Sigismund Ritter von Neukomm which uses the 1829 JC Bishop organ at St James Bermondsey as an orchestra with an octet of brass (SAND0007) “Resonances of Waterloo” available from https://onlineshop.st-andrews.ac.uk/product-catalogue/gifts-and-souvenirs/music-cds/resonances-of-waterloo-cd

  • Ellie on work experience

    Ellie Hagen cutting a mortice whilst on work experience with her dad, Nick Hagen.

  • Edward and Charles

    Edward and his twin brother Charles making a speech at their 70th Birthday Party at Charles’s farm, Sandy Lane Farm, Thame http://www.sandylanefarm.net/

  • 18th August

    Edward and his twin brother Charles at their 70th Birthday party with Dominic celebrating his 65th Birthday on the same day. It is also the 42nd anniversary of Dominic’s first day as an organ builder and his first meeting with Edward who took him out to dinner with Edwards brother John and wife Sarah.

  • Handel House organ in Edinburgh

    The organ which we made for the Handel House Museum in 1998 lives in St George’s Hanover Square, where it gets use for the annual London Handel Festival (http://www.london-handel-festival.com/) and occasionally for the church’s services. On August 13th it took part in a concert at the Usher Hall, part of the Edinburgh International Festival with …

  • Nick, Joe and Chris dismantling

    Nick, Joe and Chris in the final stages of dismantling the 1866 Hill and Sons organ at Cockerham near Lancaster.

  • The Hill organ at Cockerham, Lancashire dismantled in the church awaiting collection.

    The Hill organ at Cockerham, Lancashire dismantled in the church awaiting collection.

  • Edward defying his age

    Edward defying his age on top of the swell box at Cockerham church

  • The Wingfield organ at St Cuthbert’s, Wells

    The Bath and Wiltshire Organists Association organized a trip to Wells and Downside on July 7th and were captivated by the Wingfield organ in the north transept at St Cuthbert’s in Wells. There will be an open afternoon at St Cuthbert’s on Sunday August 5th, introducing the Wingfield organ at 2.00pm 3.00pm and 4.00pm, with …