Dominic Gwynn

It is with profound sadness that we announce the passing of our dear friend and colleague, Dominic Gwynn, on Friday the 24th of May 2024, after having cancer for a year and a half. He died peacefully, surrounded by his family.

Dominic was a pioneer, author, historian, a doting father, grandfather and husband, an organ builder, and conservator. His work in the field of historic restoration and reconstruction, along with his research into the pre-Victorian English organ, made him a leading light in the organ building and early music worlds.

We have truly reached the end of an era.

The team at Goetze and Gwynn will keep the extraordinary legacy left to us by Dominic alive. There are many organ builders around the world now who have passed through the workshops of Martin Goetze and Dominic Gwynn Ltd., who have gone into the world having been taught great respect and craftsmanship. We will continue this work to the best of our ability, restoring, reconstructing and teaching, dedicated to the memory of Dominic and Martin.

To Dominic’s family and many friends around the world, we offer our sincere condolences.

The funeral is on Friday 14th June at 1pm at St Cuthbert’s Wells and is being streamed on the St Cuthbert’s, Wells youtube channel.  It can be accessed through this link.  If you want to test it now you should see a series of videos of the church’s Sunday services and the funeral will appear on the same page  just before 1.00 pm on Friday.  It will stay there for future viewing.  It is a simple video with one fixed camera and the choir sound may not be picked up very well so apologies if the quality is not too good.

The Order of Service from the funeral is also available on the blog