Handel fugues and Cannons anthems at St Lawrence Whitchurch

On Saturday November 24th a concert was given by Alastair Ross and the London Handel Orchestra in the church of St Lawrence Whitchurch of fugues by Johann Krieger and Handel, and the Te Deum in B flat written for Cannons and the anthem “The Lord is my Light”. The choral music was all written 300 years ago, and performed in this church. Dominic explained to the audience how close the 1994 organ is the organ Handel knew. The concert was attended by members of the Handel Institute (https://handelinstitute.org/), who had the previous day had a performance of an aria recently acquired by the British Library, on whose autograph score there was a note describing Handel’s debt to Johann Krieger as a writer of fugues, hence the combination of Krieger and Handel fugues on the organ on the 24th (https://www.bl.uk/events/celebrating-handel)