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Joseph Payne playing John Blow at Magdalene College Cambridge

About six months after we finished the new organ at Magdalene College Cambridge, Joseph Payne, an eminent English-American keyboard player, recorded all the keyboard works of John Blow, on organ and harpsichord.  They were recorded and produced by his wife Phoebe, and I spent a day with them at Magdalene.  We were sent a pre-production test recording but then heard nothing.  I heard Joseph had died in 2008.  I discovered that a CD had indeed been produced (by https://cantate-musicaphon.de/), and I have been listening to it with excitement, not just that 2 CDs of Blow voluntaries hold the attention, but at the quality of the organ, which sounds historic, and authentic.  I am sorry that Joseph is not around to thank and complement, not just for his playing but also for choosing our organ.