‘Newark Siege’ from ‘A Consort’s Monument’

On Saturday (April 25th) Record Review on BBC Radio 3 played a recording of John Jenkins’s wonderful descriptive piece commemorating the siege of Newark in 1646.  It can be heard on https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m000hmrp 18mins and 30 seconds into the programme.  I hope you are then inspired to buy the recording from Ricercar-Outhere https://outhere-music.com/en/albums/a-consort-s-monument-ric413  Newark is only 40 minutes from our workshop.  You can still see the castle by the River Trent, and the fortifications put up to defend the town.  The piece holds a special place in my affections, because an early recording with our Opus 1 (see the picture two blogs ago) included it in a recording of Jenkins’s music, with Trevor Jones and the Consort of Musick viols in 1984.