Rochester, New York, Eastman School of Music, New Chamber Organ

The organ is based on late 17th century English chamber organs, with mechanical parts and keys based on the mid 18th century chamber organ of Calke Abbey in Derbyshire.

Stopped Diapason 8ft
Open Diapason treble 8ft
Principal 4ft
Fifteenth 2ft
Sesquialtera II
Tierce treble 1³/5ft

The Stopped Diapason is wood, the rest metal. The late 17th century chamber organs at Compton Wynyates and Belchamp Walter were used as models.

The compass is C- d³, with four available pitches. The pipes have tuning slides, for different pitches and tuning systems.

The case front with its gilded dummy front pipes is based on the late 17th century consort organ at Belchamp Walter in Essex.