Leeds University New Chamber Organ

The organ is based on the ca1760 chamber organs of Thomas Parker, who learnt his organbuilding from Richard Bridge, and made the organ for Charles Jennens, now at Great Packington.

The organ has an oak case, in two halves, on wheels, and with an internal electric blower.

Stop list:

Stop Diapason 8ft
Open Diapason 8ft open metal pipes from f#º
Principal bass and treble 4ft
Fifteenth bass and treble 2ft
Sesquialtra II (GG 1 1/3 4/5 G1 3/5 1 1/3)
Cornet II (c¹ 2 2/3 1 3/5)

Shifting movement (reducing to Diapasons)

Key compass of GG to e³ (58 notes) at a pitch of A415
Transposing keyboard for pitches A392 A415 A440 and A465
Tuning slides to the metal pipes for re-tuning at different pitches