Courteenhall Hall, Northants restoration of early 19th century Astor barrel organ for Sir Hereward Wake

In September 1983 we restored a barrel organ for Sir Hereward Wake. It has No 297 stamped on the top front left hand stile, and inked on the barrel end. There is a paper name plate glued on to the barrel. A transcription of the label by Martin can be seen in the picture on the left.

A list of tunes, pasted on the inside of the lid, is below :

Barrel Number 1Barrel Number 2Barrel Number 3
1.       …….. HuntHarlequin AmuletHaydn’s Minuet
2.       Ld McDonalds ReelIrish WasherwomanCrazy Jane
3.       Sr D.Hunter Blair’s DoGo to the DevilBlue Bell of Scotland
4.       Ahead & at HomeChant RusseCookin?
5.       Mony MuskMony in cloth pocketsYellow haired Laddie
6.       Lady Campbells ReelLa Belle CatharineCaledonian Laddie
7.       Isle of SkyLa Jolie FilleStreamlet ?
8.       Lady berkleys ReelPantheonMarch in Bluebeard
9.       Lady [K…’s] DoLa Bon ReconntreDo in Pizzaro
10.   [Backing] the changeThe Trout Catcher[Orange] March