Graham Barber repairs to Grant Degens and Bradbeer practice organ in 2018

The organ was designed and made by Edward Bennett for Kenneth Rothwell in 1974 when Edward was working for Grant Degens and Bradbeer in Northampton. It now belongs to Graham Barber It was cleaned and repaired by Edward and Chris Davies in December and January. The organ has worn remarkably well, the only deterioration in the ‘ball and socket’ stop-rod links, which had perished and were replaced with traditional mechanical links.

It is an organ of its time, using a steel frame and plywood chests, an economical layout, low wind pressure (47mm) and open-toe voicing. The organ sounds delightful, and has proved its usefulness as a practice organ.


IChimney Flute4ft
IIStopped Wood8ft
CouplerII - I