Joseph Cullen’s ca1850 Glasgow Chamber Organ Restoration

The organ was saved by Joseph Cullen (organist and choral conductor), and kept with the intention of being restored as a practice organ. It is ideal for this purpose, as it has two manuals and pedal, with full compasses, all in the case of a large chamber organ. The organ was restored by Christina Reinspach and Dominic Gwynn in the summer of 2003.

Stop Diapason bass 8ft (C to B)
Stop Diapason treble 8ft (cº to f³)
Open Diapason treble 8ft (cº to f³)
Principal 4ft
Fifteenth 2ft
Stop Diapason 8ft
Dulciana 8ft
Flute 4ft

Pedal pulldowns
Pedal coupler

The manual key compass is C – f³ (56 notes). The Swell organ is inside the swell box from cº. The pedal key compass was originally C – c¹ (25 notes). The pedal keys, and the rest of the key action was missing, and were replaced with new keys and action on the original design but with a C – d¹ compass and modern key spacing.