Repairs to St Andrew Undershaft

Dominic and Edward’s great nephew Oscar Bennett carried out two weeks of repairs to the organ at St Andrew Undershaft.  It is an organ by William Hill 1858 and 1875, using earlier pipework and case by Renatus Harris 1696 and Byfield 1749, and with additions and alterations by Speechley in 1889 (Swell organ), Walker 1926 (blower) and Rushworth and Dreaper 1976 (Swell and Pedal key actions).  It is a grand old lady, now in its dotage, but still playable.  Our job was to correct as many of the faults as possible.  The Great Open Diapason slider end had broken.  The 1976 Pedal key actions had floating square beams, with enough broken trackers to make sure that the others ciphered.  And almost all the pipes speak now.