St Botolph Aldgate history of the 1704 Renatus Harris organ

Considering the tendency of the English to rebuild or replace their organs, almost from the moment they were first built, we are fortunate to have two organs from the times of Bernard Smith and Renatus Harris, in something like original condition.  It seems extraordinary that so little of Bernard Smith’s work has survived – only Adlington Hall gives a good idea of the vigorous sound of his organs.  Of Renatus Harris and his workshop there is the Aldgate organ, from which most of the pipework survives, including reeds and mixture, on the original wind chests.  The sound is not quite as it was originally, but is pretty close, as close, perhaps as a 300 year old organ could get.  The booklet is available from the church (currently closed of course) or from G&G, who are starting to open the workshop again from yesterday.