The G&G organ for Magdalene Cambridge, 20 years old

The organ was brand new, the brain-child of Dr Richard Luckett, who was then Fellow and Pepys Librarian.  The organ is based on the organs of Bernard Smith (1630-1703) who was German, but spent a decade making organs in Holland, including the 1657 organ in Edam, and was from 1667 resident in London and on his way to gaining a special place in England’s organ building history.  Very little of his work remains, but there are large collections of little altered pipes at Great St Mary’s in Cambridge 1698, and Finedon in Northamptonshire 1704.  Both of these are for different reasons underwhelming.  Even the organ at Edam was made a bit more polite 70 years after it was finished.  For an impression of how a Smith organ might have sounded and how it felt to a player like John Blow, you need to go to Adlington Hall, made by Smith’s workshop, or somebody who had worked in it, probably in 1693.  You can find a stop list and hear Anne Page playing it on