Wurlitzer at Saltaire

Coming out of lock down and seeing venues look towards re-opening, and looking forward to being  able to attend concerts again, has reminded me to share some pictures of some resent work we have done for the Cinema Organ Society (COS), on their Northern District organ installed at Victoria Hall, in the lovely Yorkshire town of Saltaire.  This fine Wurlitzer theatre pipe organ is much traveled, and in the course of it’s five homes slightly enlarged, but also, unfortunately, slightly reduced! At some time in the past the lowest four resonators of the 16’ Wood Diaphone pipes were destroyed, so replacements had to be made, whilst they were good in themselves, they were the wrong scale, by a significant margin. So, at the behest of the COS, and in conjunction with Nicholsons & co. a plan was made to replace these mammoth pipes, with larger pipes of the correct scale, and restore the beaters and actions upon which they sit.

The first picture shows the vibrator units and chests as delivered to the workshop and in the second picture the vibrator units show the beater disks, and new Poplar timber to replace the water damaged material.