Scottish Early Music Consort 3 stop chest organ

The organ was made in 1983. The pipe scales and voicing were based on pipework found in late 17th century English chamber organs.

Stop’d Diapason 8
Principal 4
Fifteenth 2

The key compass is C- d³ (at pitch A415Hz) and the tuning a modified form of Valotti’s temperament. There are four available pitches by transposing the keyboard. The 8ft and 4ft ranks can be tuned to any of the pitches and to different tuning systems. The pipes of the Fifteenth are tuned with lead flaps and are less flexible in their tuning.

There is a single-fold reservoir with a single-fold feeder and a foot pedal for raising the wind, as well as a separate blower.

The case is made of oak. The dimensions are 1200mm wide, 1100mm tall and 600mm deep. The case is divisible for carriage.