Den Haag Netherlands St John and St Philip 1987 New Organ

This is a new organ made in 1987. It is based on the organs of Richard Bridge at Christ Church Spitalfields (1735) and St Leonard Shoreditch (1756) in London. The case is based on the Richard Bridge organ at Holy Trinity, Newport, Rhode Island, USA (1733). The organ is in a chamber at the east end of the church overlooking the chancel area, but stands more or less in a separate case.

Great Swell Pedal
Open Diapason 8’ Open Diapason 8’ Bourdon 16’
Stop’d Diapason 8’ Stop’d Diapason 8’ Trombone 16’
Principal 4’ Principal 4’
Flute 4’ Fifteenth 2’
Twelfth 2 2/3’ Cornet III
Fifteenth 2’ Hautboy 8’
Sesquialtera IV
Cornet treble V
Trumpet 8’

Swell to Great
Swell to Pedals
Great to Pedals

The manual compass is C – g³, the pedal compass is C – f¹
The pitch is a¹=415Hz and the tuning system is Young’s (1800)

The Open starts from D# in the front
The Stop’d Diapason is wood C-f#º, metal chimney flute gº – g³
Swell Stop’d Diapason and Great Flute are both wood
The Sesquialtera has a double draw, so that it can be used without the tierce rank

Sesquialtera C

C 1 3/5 1 1/3 1 2/3
g#º 2 1 3/5 1 1
2 2/3 2 1 3/5 1 1/3
4 2 2/3 2 1 3/5


C 1 3/5 1 1/3
g#º 2 2/3 1 3/5

The scaling of the principals is the same for each rank: 3:5 with a 12″ plate width at 51/3’G.
The winding is provided by two 8 x 4 wedge bellows.
The wind pressure is 63mm.

The organist at the time was Chris Farr and the advisor was John Norman. The Chairman of the Organ Committee was René Schoo. The present organist (2014) is Christina Scott Edelen, who has recorded a CD of 18th century English organ music. The recording is available from