Welcome to our first post!

Welcome to our new website, designed and developed by Dare to Think, and sponsored by the Harley Foundation . The Harley Foundation built and subsidizes our workshop at Welbeck click on the link for information about Welbeck and its activities.

We are most grateful to Wayne Gascoigne who designed our previous website in 2002 and has maintained and added to it ever since. Wayne is the partner of our former colleague Christina Reinspach.

The main purpose of the new website is to manage its increased size. We have just completed our 100th project and almost all the previous ones appear on our website, providing a surprisingly full picture of the history of British organ building. We also intend to expand the activities on the website, with soundfiles of individual organs, organ research and restoration reports available for download, and miscellaneous research available as well, in the same way. Also we will provide updates on our work, from members of the team, illustrating techniques and interesting projects.