Italian Chamber Organ New Organ in 17th century style

This is a new organ based on the late 17th century positive organ from Lucca, which we restored for the late Sheila Lawrence. It has been recorded on numerous occasions, mostly with His Majesty’s Sackbuts and Cornets

Voce Umana from c¹8ft

The keyboard is transposing (a¹ = 390, 415, 440 and 465Hz). The pipes are tuned with slides.
There are two foot pedals, one to bring on all the chorus stops (Tirapieno), the other to remove them, leaving the Principale.

The compass is C – c³, with an octave of pedal pulldowns (C-cº).

The recording is available from SFZ0107 Giovanni Battista Grillo played by His Majesty’s Sackbuts and Cornetts (Gary Cooper organ); also Chaconne CHAN 0789 William Byrd: The Great Service in the Chapel Royal, Musica Contexta directed by Simon Ravens with Stephen Devine on organ and The English Cornett and Sackbut Ensemble; and Gaudeamus CD GAU 336 Ercole Pasquini played by James Johnstone on harpsichord and our 17th century style Italian chamber organ; and Hyperion CDA66970 Francesco Cavalli’s Messa Concertata, Canzonas and Sonatas performed by Seicento and the Parley of Instruments directed by Peter Holman; and 0289 478 3506 6 1612 Italian Vespers Robert Hollingworth directs I Fagiolini