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  • Study day at Thaxted on May 28th

    Gillian Ward Russell, who is a leading expert in the performance of Georgian organ music will talk about the 1820 Lincoln organ at Thaxted and lead masterclasses, on Saturday May 28th. The day is organized by the Cambridge Academy of Organ Studies. Details from Andrew Johnson: See also

  • Baby Émile visits the workshop

    Émile was born to Guillaume and Lucille on April 1st, also coincidentally the 36th birthday of the firm, so we hope he feels a special connection to his father’s craft. It was a beautiful spring day, and we felt especially honoured to be treated to Émile’s first adventure outdoors.

  • Fiona Hutchinson redecorating front pipes from the Hill organ at All Saints Rothbury

    Fiona Hutchinson is a ceramics restorer occupying a neighbouring workshop here at the Harley Foundation at Welbeck, a long-time friend and encourager of our firm. Here she is using her super-refined sense of colour to re-decorate repairs to the patterned front pipes from the 1866 William Hill organ at All Saints Rothbury in Northumberland.

  • Choosing oak at Somerscales

    Nick Hagen and Dominic Gwynn had a happy morning choosing oak boards at Somerscales at Keelby in North Lincolnshire for the new organ at Trinity College Dublin, which we will start making in August.

  • Stuart Dobbs and Nick Hagen and the Erddig Dumb organist

    Stuart has finished restoring the dumb organist which attaches to the 1864 Bevington organ from Erddig House (National Trust) near Wrexham North Wales. It has six popular tunes, waltzes from Faust and La Traviata, ‘Off she goes’ which I would sing to Humpty Dumpty, etc. A recording of one of the tunes will appear on …

  • Visit by a group from St Michael and All Angels, Great Tew, Oxfordhsire

    On March 30th we were visited by a group from Great Tew, the customers for our current project, the restoration of their ca1865 Henry Williams organ. It is a small two manual and pedal organ, very solidly and confidently made. From the left Charles Mould, Jeremy Treglown, Naomi Bowen, Ann Abbotts, Patrick Thomas and the …

  • The finished reed blocks and shallots for Great Tew

    Here are the finished reed blocks and shallots for the new Swell Cornopean and Great Cremona for the ca1865 Henry Williams organ at Great Tew. Henry Williams described himself as ‘of Gray & Davison’ even though he seems to have worked independently in Cheltenham Gloucestershire, so we have copied the Cremona and Cornopean in the …

  • Chris Davies making reed blocks

    Chris Davies is cleaning up the top surface of reed blocks which have been cast in the workshop. The reeds are for a new Swell Cornopean and a new Great Cremona in the style of Gray & Davison, for the ca1865 Henry Williams organ at Great Tew. The Cremona was prepared for but never made, …

  • Jennifer Bate opens the restored William Allen organ at Pilning, Gloucestershire

    Jennifer Bate is playing the opening recital on the restored William Allen organ at St Peter Pilning Gloucestershire on Saturday, April 30 at 7.30pm. Tickets £20, available by calling 01454 632670. Here is a picture of Guillaume Zellner sitting triumphantly on the nag’s head swell box, waiting for the new urn which Nick Hagen made …

  • A pleased looking churchwarden at St Andrew Boxford receives delivery of a restored barrel organ

    Andrew Lyle playing a tune on the ca1810 barrel organ at the Heritage Centre, Boxford, Berkshire after delivery by Dominic Gwynn and Stuart Dobbs on March 15th, 2016

  • Restored organ returns to Pilning

    We have just returned the restored ca1800 William Allen chamber organ to its home at St Peter’s Church, Pilning near Bristol. It has been restored to its original condition, having suffered some alteration over the years. The restoration was the initiative of Jonathan and Sharon Edwardes, Director of music and organist, who also raised the …

  • Duncan Elson prepares to take another picture at Rothbury….

    As part of the Heritage Lottery Fund grant the restoration of the Hill organ will be captured on camera at every stage, including the organ builders themselves dismantling the organ taken by local photographers.

  • Dismantling at Rothbury

    Joseph Marsden, Nick Hagen, Chris Davies and Dominic Gwynn are posed amongst the dismantled parts of the 1866 Hill organ at All Saints Rothbury in Northumberland for a photograph by Duncan Elson

  • Nick Carving Finials

    Nick Hagen is completing a series of damaged finials from the case of the 1864 Bevington organ at the National Trust House at Erddig near Wrexham.

  • Goetze and Gwynn team on February 20th

    Amongst the people who came to Martin’s celebration at St Botolph Aldgate on February 20th were present and past members of our team and people who have worked with us or for us over many years. From left to right (front row) Margaret Hamilton (Martin’s partner), Emma Hagen (our administrator), Antonia Gwynn, Abigail Balfour, and …

  • Tea and cakes after Martin’s celebration on February 20th

    And we are grateful to those who provided us with tea and cakes after the event. It was a great pleasure to meet so many from the worlds of organ building and playing, from the early keyboard instrument making and playing worlds, and Martin’s family and friends.

  • Dominic and Edward delivering the Dutch chamber organ to Andreas Beurmann

    Andreas Beurmann added the late 18th century Dutch chamber organ which used to belong to Christopher Hogwood and before him to Thurston Dart to his collection. It looks magnificent and very appropriate in the main hall of Gut Hasselburg in Holstein, Germany, where he lives with his wife Heikedine Körting Beurmann, who took this picture. …

  • David Butterworth playing at Martin’s celebration on February 20th

    We are very grateful to the many people who came to the celebration of Martin’s life and works last Saturday, to the three organists, Chris Farr, Tim Roberts and David Butterworth, and to John Bamford who helped us to arrange the event at St Botolph’s and provided us with an excellent conclusion to our event.

  • Los Chicos, ten years ago at St Botolph Aldgate

    A photo of Martin, Dominic (not concentrating as usual), Tim McEwen, Sergio del Campo Olaso and Edward, taking their lunch on the steps of St Botolph Aldgate during the installation of the restored organ ten years ago.

  • Guillaume begins the restoration of the bellows from Great Tew

    Guillaume Zellner is nestling neatly inside the reservoir of the bellows from the ca1865 Henry Williams organ from Great Tew in Oxfordshire, and beginning to remove the original leather. In the background is another Victorian bellows, from the 1864 Bevington organ from Erddig House near Wrexham, restored by Nick Hagen

  • Film portrait of Martin Goetze

    Our Chilean friend and colleague Jose Manuel Izquierdo Konig has sent us a compilation of scenes taken from short television films made by his friends Pepe Torres and Francisco Anderson, as a tribute to Martin. Below is a link to the tribute which is on Youtube : This is the link to the films …

  • Shaun Ward plays Benjamin Cosyn on the St Teilo Organ currently at St Laurence Ludlow

    The St Teilo Tudor organ was made for the Bangor University research project It was originally housed in the reconstructed mediaeval church of St Teilo at the Museum of Welsh Life in St Fagans near Cardiff, but is now to be seen and heard at St Laurence Ludlow. You can hear the director of …

  • Martin’s celebration on Saturday 20th February 2016

    We would like to remind you of the celebration of his life and works on February 20th 2016 at 3.00pm at St Botolph Aldgate Tim Roberts will play music by John Worgan, who was organist at St Botolphs and a musician famous in his day. He will bring his new CD of the organ works …

  • A visit by National Trust volunteers from Erddig House

    On January 13th we were visited by volunteers from Erddig House, near Wrexham now run by the National Trust. The organ was built for Philip Yorke in 1864 by Henry Bevington a small two manual and pedal chamber organ which still has its dumb organist, a barrel with six tunes.

  • Edward repairing Great Tew ground frame

    Edward Bennett is seen repairing the pedal rollers on the ground frame of the least successful part of a very nicely and solidly made organ by Henry Williams of Cheltenham from the late 1860s. Making the pedal action work properly is one of the main objects of the restoration.

  • The front pipes from the Bevington Organ at Erddig near Wrexham

    As well as this ribbed pattern, the front pipes have a stencilled pattern, at least, that is what they look like. An examination of the front pipes shows that the outlines are painted freehand, over areas of gilding. The effect is delightful.

  • Joseph Marsden restoring the front pipes from the Bevington Organ at Erddig near Wrexham

    We are currently restoring the 1864 Bevington organ made for Philip Yorke at Erddig near Wrexham in Wales. Erddig is a National Trust house, famous for the consideration which the family showed for their servants and workers, with series of portraits and little verses of poetry for each. The Bevington organ stands in the entrance …

  • Christopher Stembridge plays at Trinity College Cambridge on January 24th 2016

    Our friend Christopher Stembridge will be playing a concert on the organ at Trinity College Cambridge at 5.40pm on January 24th. He will be playing Gabrieli, Satie, Byrd, Frescobaldi, Hassler and JSBach. The picture shows Chris playing our Italian chamber organ in the Laigh Room at St Cecilia’s Hall in Edinburgh in 2010, where the …

  • Chris Davies’s first day at G & G

    On January 4th our team was joined by Chris Davies, a friend of Joseph Marsden. Under Joseph’s trained eye, Chris will learn all the different elements of organ building and restoration, through the whole workshop. Chris is also a tuba player with Armthorpe Elmfield Brass Band. Chris has worked as a car mechanic, specialising in …

  • Dominic’s Christmas Trees

    Every year I feel the urgent need to contribute to our family Christmas by making some new decoration, sometimes inspired by other people’s ideas, sometimes inspired by off-cuts in the machine room. These Christmas trees were made of strips of mahogany and birch, off-cuts from tea trays made for my daughters. You can arrange the …