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  • Emma with our new computer

    2015 has started with a new desktop computer, managed with customary efficiency by our administrator Emma Hagen

  • William Allen Chamber Organ in Argyllshire

    Harry Bicket studying the mechanism of his William Allen chamber organ, with Guillaume Zellner who has restored it in 2014

  • Thaxted Parish Church

    Martin and Dominic at the Diocesan Organ Advisors conference at Thaxted parish church in the summer, answering questions about the restoration.

  • Thomas Tudway Recording

    Chris Parsons and Eboracumbaroque using the Handel House chamber organ for a recording of choral music by Thomas Tudway (ca1650-1726) at the church at Wimpole Hall in Cambridgeshire, where Tudway worked for Edward Harley 2nd Earl of Oxford

  • Alan Rubin’s German Positive Organ

    In December we delivered a newly-restored ca1730 positive organ to Alan Rubin, who discovered it in a derelict state in a Paris auction room. The room contains other instruments and decoration from this period in Germany.

  • New College Oxford: Modernist case as Industrial Site

    The final stages of the re-assembly at New College, Oxford, in October 2014, with the scaffolding still in place, enhancing the aesthetic impact of George Pace’s case design, with Pedal front pipes restored and reinforced by Jacques Stinkens, of Zeist NL.

  • New College, Oxford – Keys ascending to the gallery

    On Tuesday September 9th we brought the keys and coupler chassis to New College Oxford, for fitting into the space. The original couplers used backfalls with steel pivot pins which had worn holes in the capsels and become stiff. Due to pressure of time (the organ has to be ready for the first service of …

  • Our first workshop

    Martin visited Northampton for the funeral of our much-lamented colleague Ken Tickell, and had a look at our first workshop, in the mews behind Holly Road near St Matthew’s church in Northampton.  Not much has changed there, in the 29 years since we left.  Quite a lot was achieved in five years we spent in …

  • New College, Oxford

    Joseph welding brackets for the new slider motor supports.

  • New College, Oxford

    On July 1st we started to dismantle parts of the 1969 Grant Degens and Bradbeer organ at New College Oxford, for a partial restoration. The picture shows Nick Hagen and Joseph Marsden removing one of the metal Pedal front pipes for repairs and strengthening by Jacques Stinkens in the Netherlands. The pipes were beautifully made, …

  • Hanbury Hall

    We have just finished a restoration of the ca1770 Samuel Green chamber organ at Hanbury Hall, a National Trust house near Droitwich in Worcestershire. The case was made to resemble a harpsichord in shape, but it was never a harpsichord, let alone a claviorgan, as it is often described. The case and keys were probably …

  • Thaxted

    We have just finished our restoration of the 1821 Henry Lincoln organ at Thaxted parish church (in Essex near Stanstead airport). It is the earliest surviving English church organ which retains all its original parts, and looks, sounds and plays as it did originally. It is not in its original home, which was St John’s …

  • Welcome to our first post!

    Welcome to our new website, designed and developed by Dare to Think, and sponsored by the Harley Foundation . The Harley Foundation built and subsidizes our workshop at Welbeck click on the link for information about Welbeck and its activities. We are most grateful to Wayne Gascoigne who designed our previous website in 2002 and …